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August 22, 2o16

After a sweet summer cooking gig in Central Washington, I hope to be back in the kitchen to fill granola orders during the week of September 6.

Trick or Trail Granola is back, and new on the menu is Billy Goat Granola. A nut free recipe was requested by a private K-8 school, and then enthusiastically picked up by the Bon Appetit folks at Capital Group’s Pacific Cafe in Irvine. So I found a trail name in Irvine that I liked (read more about it below), and I am glad to be providing a safe granola for those with tree nut and peanut sensitivities. Kudos! to the talented Janine Freeze who designed Billy Goat’s label:

Billy Goat Logo


Single Track Snack Granola, by Foothills Wellness

May 26, 2016

A Tasting and Delivery in OC

A great big thank you  to Nicole Bell, GM with Bon Appetit Management Company at Capital Group in Irvine, who is working toward an entire Farm to Fork operation at Pacific Cafe, the eatery on the campus of CG. Employees I talked with Tuesday had only good things to say about the food quality and choices offered by Chef Eric and company. I’m glad to be providing Billy Goat Granola (nut free), named for a local Orange County Trail (although one taster was hoping I was selling seeds when he saw the beautiful box full of herbs). Billy Goat is one of two hikers only trails among more than 20 trails in the Limestone Canyon and Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.

Pacific Cafe.May 2016

April, 2016 

On April 6 the Bon Appetit Management Company hosted a granola giveaway at the popular eatery, Barbara’s Place, on the campus of University of La Verne. Students sampled four flavors, including a nut free variety (still needs a name!). In keeping with the trail theme, I had fun using a wood burning tool for the first time to create trail signs to mark each flavor. Again, thank you Heather! 

ULV Giveaway

ULV Wordcloud

Monroe Munch update: I’m not satisfied with the results coming out of the test kitchen yet. The pineapple, coconut and chocolate I’ve tried just don’t cut it. It may be the blend. I may leave one or the other out, and I’m open to suggestions! Perhaps I’ll use the name for the nut free: Monroe Munch Nut Free. Yay, or nay?

March, 2016

Foothills Wellness became an approved vendor by the Bon Appetit Management Company! This process turned out to be an interesting and important exercise to learn about my suppliers’ practices and philosophy. A big SHOUT OUT to Heather Tyson, GM/BAMC at ULV for believing in my product enough to recommend me for approval. For more information on BAMC go to: 

January 10, 2016

Beginning Friday, January 15, look for Colby Cran, Mystic Fit and Gluten Free Mystic Fit at The Market at Heritage, on APU’s west campus. Plaza Produce, The Village Kitchen Shoppe, and Paws ‘N Go market (east campus) will continue to carry Mystic Fit. In the test kitchen: Monroe Munch a tropical trail mix with pineapple. I thought of calling it Poop Out Pineapple (you may know the trail by the same name), but…somehow it seems wrong. 





Colby Cran 

The persistent El Nino weather pattern that lasted most of the 1990s wreaked havoc on Colby Trail in Glendora. The force of the deluge created a five foot deep trough on one section, and navigating alongside it on a mountain bike was tricky. As a nod to the trail and the peculiar Christmas time pressure patterns this year, I’m offering Colby Cran granola this holiday season. Colby Cran is classic Mystic Fit granola with the added goodness of cloves and dried cranberries.

Mystic Fit Granola

Mystic Fit is also an oft blurted double adjective, usually by me, as Todd and I labor up the steep incline of Upper Mystic Canyon Trail in the Foothills of Glendora. It may sound like this: I am NOT Mystic Fit today! when legs and lungs are heavy laden, or I’m feelin’ Mystic Fit! legs are light and lungs are lovin’ it. Until I have a picture of the trail, the image below of a trail directly across the canyon from Mystic, will have to do. And the pups? Well, they’re ALWAYS Mystic Fit.


Women’s Wellness Workshops

The benefits of a group workshop setting offer a sense of solidarity in the struggles and successes of practicing wellness behaviors. The workshop format includes education, reflection, discussion and planning. Workshops are offered in a variety of contexts including:

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2.     Meals and Foods: Two Perspectives and the Aging Process

3.     A Profound Resemblance:  Our Relationship to Planet Earth

4.     A Physical Activity Spectrum and the Best Exercise

5.     Spiritual Health: Faith, Soul Care, and being a Healthy Consumer

6.     Social Justice: Intricately Interwoven

7.     Social Health: Understanding Submission, Assertiveness, and Interdependence

8.     Stress Management: From the Core



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The Happy Couple!

Food and Wine Pairing Gatherings 

We partner with a sommelier to serve up to 12 guests. A shared meal among friends and family becomes richer through a unique lesson in the thoughtful coupling of wine and cuisine.

Wine is water held together by sunlight.   -Galileo Galilei


From the Ground Up

Space Assessment and Planning Your Garden

Even the smallest space can contribute to tasty garden fresh meals. We evaluate the space you live in and out of, provide garden plan options, and point you to resources to begin establishing a potted or grounded garden.