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Meet your Wellness Coach

I’ve been practicing health promotion since 1994, in a variety of contexts that include outpatient orthopedics, acute rehabilitation, rural developing countries, fitness centers, and academics. I’m an advocate for primary prevention and for personal responsibility. I started Foothills Wellness to guide others in practicing good health with a focus on the body we live in, the planet we live on, and the people we live with.

  • Master in Public Health, Focus: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
  • Certified Health Education Specialist 
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Focus: Exercise Physiology
  • Graduate of New Way Ministries, School of Spiritual Direction
  • Cottage Food Operator, Los Angeles County


“Janet presented on issues of health and wellness in addition to women’s reproductive health to a population of parents who are predominantly Spanish-speaking, immigrant, and from low education levels.  She presented on very culturally sensitive issues for the Latino community with great care and attention.  Her information was relevant, up-to-date, and delivered in a very clear and interactive format.  The topics brought up important discussions that were eye-opening and therapeutic for the parents.  100% of the attendees surveyed found the information ‘very useful’ and presented ‘very well’!” Shana Sanchez, Deputy Director- Our Neighborhood Homework House