Foothills Wellness Granola has been approved by the Bon Appetit Management Company, for being an artisan, traditional, responsibly sourced locally crafted food! Check out the links below to learn more about BAMC and to see the farm to fork and locally crafted certificate. Visit the Offerings page to read about the five local trail themed flavors.

F2F Vendor Certificate – Foothills Wellness


Welcome to Foothills Wellness! 

The word health comes from a fascinating family of words that include: heal, holy, hallow, and whole. Just as sound nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management are integral to wellness, so is one’s attitude and approach to social justice, soul care, screen time, primary relationships, social support, and consumerism. Foothills Wellness serves to facilitate health promotion and disease prevention by exploring the above areas with clients privately and in group workshops.

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In 2011 Janet conducted a community health survey in the remote highlands of western Kenya. Her commitment to social justice was evident as she encountered villagers living in extreme poverty. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the situation, she was moved to act. She identified and acted to help minimize barriers that kept villagers from experiencing holistic wellness. She prepared and conducted a special training based on the needs of the women in the village.  Our entire community benefited from her findings and recommendations.  Michelle Kiprop, Executive Director, Hope Matters International